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Blockout Roller Blinds from Tauranga Store Restores Sanity

You just changed jobs. The opportunity arose for you to move up in the company and you seized it. Congratulations. Now you work nights. The first few weeks you excused your inability to sleep on making the adjustment. Perpetually exhausted and increasingly irritable, every little noise seems to ring in your ears. It’s beginning to occur to you that you have a problem sleeping during the day. You nearly got caught sleeping standing up last night. On your co-worker’s advice, you begin to shop for blockout roller blinds around Tauranga.

When it comes to window coverings, not all are created equal. While magazines lead you to believe that aesthetic appeal is the only thing that matters, the purpose and function of the covering selected should not be overlooked. For example, the beautiful minimalist Roman blinds you saw at the Tauranga furniture store wouldn’t be best for your bedroom where your night-time work schedule calls for blockout roller blinds. In Tauranga, choose BOP Curtains and Blinds to help you find the perfect covering for your entire home. Our friendly, experienced staff knows what you need to block out the light so that you can get some rest. Our wide selection and customisable options allow you to add your style to the functionality of the blind. Maybe we’ll find a spot for those trendy Roman blinds you saw in Tauranga, yet!

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Roller blinds are all over Tauranga. They are easy to install, easy to maintain, are durable and easy to use. Call us for a free consultation, and we’ll come out to perform a fitting and give you a quote for the installation of blockout roller blinds in your Tauranga home. We’ll bring with us a selection of our finest options using fabrics sourced from around the globe. Choose from leading names including James Dunlap Textiles and Charles Parsons Interiors. Or, add a bit of your personal style with custom blinds. Choose from our selection of fabrics, and we’ll sew custom blinds for your room. Your friends will admire the unique looks you create when you match your new blinds to the pillows on your bed and lampshades on your night tables.

We Make It Fun and Easy

We have affordable packages for the entire house that our friendly staff will be happy to share with you. Those roman blinds in your Tauranga kitchen would look great. They’ll let bright light in; ideal for welcoming the dawn of a new day. Or, give your home a trendy and connected feel by installing roller blinds throughout your Tauranga home. When you work with Tony, our interior designer with over 30 years’ experience, you’ll get tips and ideas that will help you create the looks you want within an affordable budget. Figure out what to do with that one oddly shaped window on your stairway. Once you have made all your selections and your window coverings are complete, our highly qualified and well-seasoned installation crew will install your new fixtures ensuring that everything fits correctly.