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Bay of Plenty Curtains and Blinds

Customised Curtain Tracks Make Tauranga Homes Dazzle

What is the point of building your dream home only to decorate it with off-the-shelf store-bought décor you’re likely to find featured in homes everywhere? You’ve already invested in a custom-built home, why not complete it with customised curtains and curtain tracks by Tauranga’s BOP Curtain and Blinds? We’ll build curtain rods for your Tauranga home that match your unique curtains. Unlike other households in Tauranga, your curtain tracks will become a part of the décor itself instead of a mere fixture holding the décor. Display your unique style all over the house utilising our extensive catalogue of fabrics and curtain designs. Get quality curtains with premium lining from BOP Curtain and Blinds.

BOP Curtain and Blinds Comes to You

One of the biggest headaches about furnishing a new home is having to search online and run all over town for each piece. Curtain rods found on Tauranga websites risk being the wrong colour, width, or length. While you wait for a replacement, your home is left open to for everyone to see. When you shop stores in Tauranga for curtain tracks, you have to guess that the tracks you’re viewing will work for the type of curtains you have or are intending to get. We save you the hassle of guesswork by coming to you. Browse thousands of our window covering ideas in the comfort of your home. Make selections from brand names including James Dunlop Textiles, Resene Fabrics, and Ken Bimler, or choose a fabric and style to be custom made. We have packages to dress all the windows in your house.

Our starter package bedecks the windows of a three-bedroom home. The Builder package covers more space and includes beautiful roman blinds for versatility of use and style. Our Elite package features our custom curtains and rods, the beautiful roman style blinds, as well as sunscreen or roller blinds. Select a package or decorate individually choosing from our assortment of refined fabrics, or make a choice between roller, Venetian, or Roman blinds.

We’ll help you match your curtain selection to the appropriate curtain tracks for your Tauranga property thus creating a cohesive look and feel to your interior layout. Then, our prompt, highly skilled installers will put up your curtains paying careful attention to the secure installation of the curtain rods. Your Tauranga home will look as though it is right out of a magazine!

Match customised accessories to your curtain rods in Tauranga

BOP Curtain and Blinds doesn’t just supply Tauranga with curtain tracks and rods. We offer a full tailored experience. We’ll make your vision for curtains a reality and enhance the look by creating matching lampshades and pillow cushions. Unsure of what direction you’d like your interior décor to go? With over 30 years’ experience, Tony, our interior designer, is happy to offer his experience and ideas. Whether your window covering priority is for privacy, sun protection, or warmth, we source from around the world to provide the perfect solution for you.