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Bay of Plenty Curtains and Blinds

Timber Venetian Blinds in Tauranga: The Smart Choice

Timber venetian blinds in Tauranga have numerous advantages over other types of window coverings. The classic look of wood is certainly a design benefit, and with the options available today, you can get venetian blinds in nearly any colour or finish you can imagine. Blinds are truly an excellent choice as window coverings. They also allow you to choose how much light enters the room, without having to raise them up like traditional roller blinds. A simple twist of the rod at the side lets light in without compromising privacy or opens them fully for maximum sun. They can be raised and lowered as needed, giving you complete control over how much light comes through. BOP Curtains and Blinds is proud to offer many options for venetian blinds in Tauranga. We are your one-stop shop for all the window coverings your home needs, and we bring it all to you with our mobile design service.

Venetian Blinds in Tauranga: A Classic Look

Nothing says classic style more than venetian blinds. They provide an elegant option for your windows and can lend an air of formal grace to any room. No matter what look you’re going for – country farmhouse, formal, or mid-century modern – there’s a blind that fits your style. The design consultants at BOP Curtains and Blinds can help you choose the type that fits your needs. We have an extensive selection of timber venetian blinds in Tauranga, in addition to a varied range of curtains and coordinating cushions and lampshades. If you live in Tauranga, venetian blinds shopping is just a phone call away. Don’t pore over catalogues with blinds that may not be exactly the right colour, then struggle to get them mounted properly. You can trust BOP to not only give you top-quality choices but to put them up properly and with professional installers.

Convenience and Quality

With our mobile design service, we come directly to you with thousands of samples. All measuring is done by us so we can give you a free quote, personalised just for your home. You don’t need to worry about driving to a store, or trying to compare items from one place to another. We have access to thousands of possibilities, so you’re sure to find something that meshes with your design vision. We will then mount your blinds using professional installers to make sure the look is perfect. Our designer works with your budget as well as your style, to make sure that you’re happy with both the look and the cost. There’s no replacement for seeing actual samples in your home, and being able to match colours directly. We go out of our way to make it easy on you to choose custom window coverings in Tauranga, from venetian blinds to roller blinds, sunscreen roller blinds, and curtains. Rather than having to visit multiple stores, you can get our design service right in your home. For more information or to make an appointment, call us on 07 571 2345.